The Hyōmen  Collection: Wall panels with a unique finish


Taking our inspiration from Japanese wood craftsmanship and modern Western interior design, we produce wall panels of Douglas fir, silver fir and oak with quite unique 3D effects, which promote a very special and exclusive sense of space.

Our wall claddings, which can also be used as façade elements, are produced from high-quality timber from our local forests.  In order to bring out the 3D effect of the panels, we use particularly beautiful wood with a calm, discreet structure, sorted with virtually no knots.  Douglas and silver fir in particular are produced in rift (and semi-rift) cut, giving a simple, lineal look to your walls.

What are our wall claddings best suited for?


The wood panels possess the typical characteristics of Japanese design principles:  flowing and sometimes asymmetric transitions in the surface, and the natural, warm tones of the wood.  A huge variety of interior styles can be achieved with these unique surface textures.  Depending on the structure and colour of the wood, the panels are popular for installation in hotels, restaurants and private houses.



» A modern look: Solid wood panels with a unique 3D look to provide a decorative effect on your wall surfaces

» Sustainability: Use of local wood species from sustainably managed forests

» Authenticity: Natural wood grain and colours, 100% solid wood

» Large formats: Exceptionally long wall panels made out of one piece or finger-jointed, for a highly impressive decorative effect for your walls

» Wide choice of colours: Available in a huge range of surfaces

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