So that you have long-lasting pleasure: Care of wood floors


A high-quality wooden floor in solid or engineered wood requires extremely low maintenance.  All the same, wood floors do need regular care to keep them beautiful for many years.  We explain how best to look after your floor, how to clean it and retain the natural colour of the wood.


How to clean and care for soaped and leached wood floors

Soaping or “washing“ your wood floor is particularly gentle and is an old-established method of floor care with our Scandinavian neighbours.  The wood floor soap serves as a basic treatment and by creating a film of soap it provides natural surface protection.  Floor soap is used for cleaning and freshens up the colour of the floor.  Without regular care of your leached or soaped wood floor wear marks can appear on the surface.  In certain circumstances the wood floor can dry out.

Care for your wood floor roughly every two weeks with wood floor soap.  Mix approx. 5 litres of luke-warm or cold water with about 100 ml of soap.  Here we recommend working with two buckets.  One bucket contains the soapy solution, while the other contains only clear water.  You will find everything about the effects of soap as well as guidelines for care in our PDF.

How to clean and care for oiled wood floors

To retain the shine of your oiled floor for as long as possible it is recommended that you treat the floor with a special maintenance oil immediately after the initial basic treatment.   Thereafter wood floor soap in combination with an oil freshener is appropriate for regular care at periodic intervals.  The oil freshener goes into the pores of the wood and creates a natural protection of the surface.  You should freshen up your floor about every 6 – 18 months.  Before you do so we recommend cleaning the floor with vinegar water or an intensive cleaner.  You will find detailed instructions in our PDF.

Removing marks from the wood floor

If you wish to clean dirt, soapy or liquid marks, or stains off your wood floor, we recommend a stain remover or tannic acid remover.  With correct use such intensive cleaning agents will remove the marks and your wood floor will shine with its original splendour.

Everyday care and cleaning of wood floors

To clean everyday dirt and dust off your wood floor we recommend using a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner.  How often you wipe your floor depends on how much it is used.  Generally we recommend that you use a damp, never wet cloth or mop.  For routine cleaning wipe your floor with a just-moist cloth or mop following the direction of the grain.

Tips for suitable everyday cleaning

Wipe up standing water immediately


Use felt gliders for your chairs to prevent scratching

Do not use steam cleaners or other cleaning machines, aggressive cleaning agents containing alcohol, nor microfibre cleaning cloths

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