Treatment & maintenance of wood flooring

A natural, high quality wooden floor is fairly easy to maintain. In order to keeps its natural brilliance and live a long life in your home, it requires regular maintenance. Especially when laid in areas such as hallways, stores, offices or kitchens which are frequently used, hardwood floors need more systematic maintenance to be protected from the daily wear and tear.

The following explains what effect floor soap has on the wood and what you need to consider when maintaining a wooden floor with soap.


Hardwood floor: treatment with soap

Soaping or “washing” your plank floor is a particularly mild, tried and tested method of floor care which we have learned from our Scandinavian neighbours.  Soap serves as the basic treatment of wood care and at the same time provides a natural surface protection through the formation of a soap film. In addition, the floor soap is used for cleaning and refreshes the colour of the plank flooring.


Treatment with Oil

In order to maintain the shine of your oiled plank floor – whether it is a solid or an engineered wood floor – for as long as possible, it is recommended to treat it immediately after the first basic treatment with a special care oil. After the initial cleaning, For regular care, use soap in combination with an oil refresher on a quarterly basis. The oil refresher nourishes the surface and protects the wood against dirt and chance liquid spills.


Cleaning the plank floor

In case you want to clean your floor from dirt, soap, liquid or stains, we recommend a stain or spot remover or a tannic acid stain spray. These intensive cleaners removes the stains when used correctly and lets your plank floor shine again in its usual splendour.