THE CRAFT – Our Commitment to our Costumers

Floorboards made by Hiram Floors signify highest quality standards, a traditional craft and careful use of resources. The following gallery will demonstrate every step of the production line up until the finishing touches.

After the Douglas fir tree is cut down and transported to a saw mill, it is first sawn into a rectangular form and then sawn into evenly thick planks. Afterwards the planks will be placed into a vacuum chamber for kiln drying, which leaves the timber with no more than 8-10 % of wood moisture. Immediately after drying the timber is planed into its final form. To avoid any damage on knots and branches, a special kind of wood glue is used on the surface.


Finally, the planks are sanded down with a special machine to achieve an even and smooth surface. After completion, the floorboards are packaged and send to our costumers.