Maryan Beachwear Showroom Laufenburg

Modern architecture knows how to combine basic building materials such as glas and wood with concrete in many interesting new ways. This  minimalistic combination is what we see in many modern buildings of our time and we will see it for a couple of years more. The composition of glas, wood and concrete is particularly popular at the moment, a current example is a project realized with Hiram Floors products in Southern Germany. A solid wooden staircase made of Douglas fir timber was installed in a showroom near the Swiss border in 2017. Here the architect nicely combined the wooden staircase together with a concrete floor and high windows, that allow the sunlight to enlighten the entire 240 sqm.

After installation the provided staircase was colored in a natural oil tone, perfectly adapting to the grey concrete floor and the surrounding white walls.

The minimalist black railing ensures to be perfect contrast for the light colors of the rest of the staircase, whereas the golden Art Décoelements in the background complement the grey colors.  The architect completely went without the skirting boards, which makes the room appear to be bigger and creates a clean appearance and straight lines.