Douglas Fir Rift

Vertical Grain terrace decking made of Douglas fir


High quality terrace decking for your garden. We produce quarter sawn decking floorboards made of Douglas fir, in rustic grading, to almost knot free grading. Available dimensions: 26 x 125 mm, 1-5 m.

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The Vertical Grain Profile


The vertical grain decking floorboards are quarter sawn so that the year-rings run in a 40- 90° angle to the board surface. This straight pattern provides an amazingly minimalist design.


Wood is anisotropic, which means that its characteristics are directionally dependent. In the case of quarter sawn timber the anisotropy is particularly beneficial for the durability and stability of the floorboards , due to the vertical grain pattern. That way also, the chance of splinters is highly reduced.


Our forestry experts are always seeking out the best Douglas fir logs available. That way, we can supply floorboards that appear homogeneous and have a calm surface.


The production of such boards is very time consuming and costly, which is why we offer them to meet the highest demands, that are meant for terrace deckings. Further information to the dimensions and surface possibilities follow:


Decking Dimensions and Gradings

26 x 125 mm | 1 – 5 m

Vertical grain floorboards made of German Douglas fir are particularly fine grained and therefore the best solution for you garden project. We offer three gradings with a almost knotfree surface (PRIME) over a slightly knottier surface (SELECT) to a rustic surface (NATURAL)


Select Grading – very few knots to knot- free surface. Where appearance is more important. Sapwood max 1/2 of width allowed

Normal Grading – few knots allowed. Sapwood max 1/2 of width allowed.

Rustic Grading – knottier surface. Sapwood allowed.

Treatment and Coloring


We supply our floorboards untreated, that means that we offer our costumers a set of treatment & coloring choices, which will then be applied on-site

On the lower hand, you will find  different options for the coloring of Douglas fir planks. We are happy to advise and to recommend the right treatment


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