Frequently Asked Questions

Hiram floorboards can be installed on most common substructures or foundations. This includes concrete floors, wood-based structures or joist constructions.

The foundation has to be clean, dry and levelled. Especially screed has to have no more than 2 % CM of moisture. For more information about the requirements for other substructures please contact a local expert for wooden floors and parquets.
Our floorboards can also be placed on floor heating. Depending on the season, the wooden floor planks might warp slightly. But as long as the building is well isolated and there are stable humidity levels, strong warping should not occur.
It is important that the floor heating has been running for at least 30 days prior to installation of the wood flooring. This eliminates all residue moisture of the foundation. 24 hours before the installation the heating has to be turned off and only turned on again one week after. After 7 days it can be slowly activated again.
The floorboards should be immediately stored in a clean and dry room. The planks are delivered with a typical wood moisture of 8 – 10 percent, that means that the rooms where they are stored and later installed in, require to have a corresponding room humidity of 35 – 65 percent and a room temperature between 18- 25 °C to guarantee ideal installation conditions.
The floor should be sanded down and vacuum cleaned before the first treatment. This eliminates bumps and any dirt which has gotten on to the surface. The floor and room should be dry and the room temperature should range between 18- 25 °C.
Hiram floorboards made of Douglas fir require a thorough treatment with either soap, lye or oil. Typical finishes are the Scandinavian style ones with white lye & soap or a lye & natural oil treatment. Be inspired by our colour schemes on our “floorboard“ page.
The washing or soaping of wooden floors – as our Scandinavian neighbours usually do – is a particularly gentle method of cleaning.  We recommend cleaning the floor with soap every two to three weeks.

A lye & oil treatment only should to be done every six months. The oil seals off the surface and protects the floor from dust and dirt. For more information check out our downloadable PDF „Maintenance & finishing“.