OAK | Solid Wide Plank Flooring

Floor Types


URBAN Classic


URBAN Classic wide plank floors create a more modern and continuous feeling in your rooms, due to the very few knots and branches on the surface and the straight, sometimes wavy grain of the Oak timber.




COUNTRY Classic solid wide planks transmit a warm and lively atmosphere, due to the higher amount of knots and the more wavy grain. This grading will create a cozy and more natural atmosphere in your rooms.


The Dimensions

Strengths x Widths
24 x 190 mm
28 x 240 mm
28 x 300 mm

Room Lengths 1 – 6 m


Solid Oak wide plank floors as long as the room, where they are installed in. Originally used in castles, churches and other grand buildings, the spacious and inviting effect of these majestic wide plank floors looks great in any house and apartment alike.

Random Lengths 1 – 4 m


Random lengthed wide planks consist of standard lengths from 1 – 4 m. These random lengths guarantee an optimal yield of raw material. You choose, which lengths suit your project and your aesthetic taste the best.

Finishing and Coloring


We supply our Oak wide planks pre- sanded or with a factory oil finish of your choice. We also offer a set of treatment & coloring choices,
which can then be applied on-site. On the lower hand, you will find  different options for the coloring of Oak wide plank flooring.