Ash Solid and Engineered Flooring

Beautiful Ash Plank Flooring


Solid and engineered planks made of Ash wood are a beautiful and affordable alternative to Oak plank flooring. The occuring brown core turns the originally white colours into a fascinating mix of darker and lighter colors.

The trees can reach an age of up to 200 years, before they are cut, sawn and dried on the air. Once the order comes in, the boards get Kiln dried, planed and sanded. Knots and other faults are mended by hand. Real craftsmanship and premium wood are what define our flooring products.

Choose your Floor Type

URBAN Classic

URBAN Classic wide planks create a more modern and continuous feeling in your rooms. The surface of those Ash planks contains very few knots and has a white as well as brown Ash core.



COUNTRY Classic wide planks transmit a warm and lively atmosphere, with a larger amount of knots and a more wavy grain. This grading will ensure a cozy and more natural feeling in your rooms.


Solid Plank Flooring
28 x 250 mm
28 x 300 mm




Engineered Plank Flooring
17/ 21 x 250 mm
17/ 21 x 300 mm
17/ 21 x 200 - 350 mm




Room Lengths 1 – 8 m



Solid wide plank flooring as long as the room, where they are installed in. Originally used in castles, churches and other grand buildings, these majestic room long wide planks have a spacious and inviting effect.

Random Lengths 1 – 5 m | 5 – 7 m



Random lengthed wide plank flooring consist of standard lengths from 1 – 5 m and 5 – 7 m. These random lengths guarantee an optimal yield of raw material.

The Finish