Ash Solid and Engineered Flooring

Beautiful Ash Plank Flooring


Ash hardwood flooring is a beautiful and affordable alternative to oak plank floors. The partly occurring brown cores turn the originally white colouring of the wood into a fascinating mix of darker and lighter tones.

The ash is one of the highest growing broad-leaf trees in Europe. It can easily become 200 years old, before it is usually cut, sawn and dried on the air. Once the order comes in, the boards get kiln dried, planed and sanded. Knots and other faults are mended by hand. Real craftsmanship and premium quality wood are what define our flooring products.


Choose your Floor Type


URBAN Classic ash flooring

Very few and tiny knots emerge from the surface of ash wood planks resulting in a quiet and discreet floor.


COUNTRY Classic ash flooring

The COUNTRY Classic ash wood planks are marked by more knots than the URBAN Classic floor creating a more lively ambience in your home.


Solid Plank Flooring
28 x 250 mm
28 x 300 mm





The advantages of our solid planks:

  • A 100 % authentic and natural wood floor
  • High durability thanks to the thickness
  • Forming of gaps as a natural characteristic of wood
  • Sanding possible several times
  • High longevity over several generations
  • Wood from sustainable forestry
  • Meticulous craftmanship
  • Especially wide plank formats
  • Suitable for floor heating





Ash wood planks in room lengths 1 – 8 m

Available in room lengths from 1 to 8 meters, ash wood planks are our customers’ favourite choice.


Ash hardwood flooring available in random lengths 1–5 m | 5–7 m

More economical with regards to the use of raw materials, random-length ash wood flooring covers lengths of 1 – 5 and 5 – 7 meters.

room lengths
random lengths

Ash wood floor finish

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