Ash Wood Planks | Ash Wooden Flooring

Bespoke ash floorboards for your room


Floorboards made of ash have great durability and are particularly aesthetic in appearance.  The brown core sometimes found in ash wood planks makes for an interestingly variable surface which is never boring.  In addition, the lively texture of the wood presents a unique, highly individual look.  Furnish your room with high-quality ash floorboards and enjoy the wonderful ambience created by your new floor.

Appropriate Sorting of Ash Wood Planks

The trunk of the ash tree grows clearly recognisable annual rings, and the older the tree, the more intense the brown core marks.  Decide how many knots the surface of your new ash wood floor should have, and create a lively look.


URBAN Classic Ash Floorboards

Only a few small knots are evident on the surface of the ash floorboards, thereby creating a calm, elegant floor.


COUNTRY Classic Ash Floorboards

There are a number of knots in the surface, thereby creating a lively ash floor.


Solid Ash Flooring

For your new ash flooring, choose between a solid or engineered wood floor.  Both our solid and engineered wood planks are available in different dimensions to suit your room.

Solid Plank Flooring
20 x 140 - 200 mm
28 x 200 mm
28 x 250 mm
28 x 300 mm





Ash Floors in Room Lengths or Random Lengths

Our room-length ash floorboards are very popular with many of our clients.  Boards cut to room length, the oldest kind of wood floor, range from 1 m up to 8 m long.  As with all our wood planks you can also get our ash boards in random lengths interlocking at the ends (1 – 5 m | 5 – 7 m), which conserves raw materials.

room lengths
random lengths

What kind of wood is ash?

The ash numbers among the tallest deciduous trees in Europe.  The ash tree can be up to 200 years old, reaching a height of up to 30 metres.  The trunk can grow to 2 metres thick.  Ash wood is extremely hard and tough.  Its exceptional elasticity makes it extremely pliable.

The heartwood and sapwood of the ash is yellowy-white with some reddish patches, which gives it a truly special, lively appearance.  The grain of the ash timber too is unique.  Ash wood is ring-porous with lots of texture.  Ash wood also typically has accentuated tree-rings and marbled, cloudy markings.

Our ash floorboards are sourced from sustainably managed forests.  After cutting they are dried with care.  Careful drying is particularly important in the case of ash to avoid cracks forming.  When the drying process is complete the boards are planed, filled manually, and sanded.

Please note that ash timber does not retain its shape very well.  This means that cracks can form here more readily than with other wood species.  Whilst our careful drying process largely precludes the formation of cracks, installing ash floorboards on top of underfloor heating should be avoided.

 Since ash wood has limited weather resistance, is very difficult to impregnate and is not resistant to fungus or mould, we recommend you use Douglas planks rather than ash for your terrace.

How hard is ash timber?

Ash timber has a high gross density and is therefore also particularly strong and firm.  Its high stability and great durability make it a very popular timber for wood floors.  Even in areas of high traffic a floor made of ash wood seldom suffers damage or dents.  Ash timber is often compared to oak on account of its hardness and robustness.

Note:  The older the ash tree, the harder the wood.

Choose the colour tone of your ash wood floor

Ash timber is very light-coloured when freshly cut or planed.  The light colouring changes quickly when exposed to UV rays, which is why it has to be oiled to preserve the light tone.

We deliver our ash wood planks in six different colour variations.  Each colour lends your ash floor a unique note and creates an individual atmosphere.  Decide on a colour or arrange a consultation with us.

What goes with ash wood?

What furnishings are suitable with an ash wood floor depends which colour tone you decide on.  Light-coloured furniture for example harmonises absolutely beautifully with a light ash-wood floor.  The effect is pure, but not in the least sterile.   You can achieve a Scandinavian look by combining untreated wood furnishings with a light ash floor.  Or you can just as well combine your floorboards with contrasting furnishings:  light-coloured furniture with a dark floor, or dark furniture with a light floor.  The variety of colour tones of an ash floor offers you many different combination possibilities and allows you to create your room to your own individual preference.

Whereas in the past people used to limit themselves to one species of wood in a room, nowadays you can play with a combination of different wood species – such a combination works especially well in a spacious room.  Focus here on harmony or contrast.  You can combine a strong-grained ash floor with smooth, scarcely textured furnishings.  Equally you can combine ash floorboards which have been sorted for their refined elegance with similarly elegant furnishings.