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Installation Guides


Solid wooden floorboards should always be screwed or glued on top of the substructure. They are never installed as a floating floor like for instance laminate.

Our installation guides below give a general overview of the different installation methods, which also include the combination of floor heating and solid planks.

Basic Guide Solid Flooring Glued on Screed

PDF / Download (120 KB)

Basic Guide Solid Flooring Screwed in Substructure

PDF / Download (144 KB)

Engineered wide Plank Flooring Installation Instructions

PDF / Download (100 KB)



Colors, Treatment & Maintenance


The treatment of the wood flooring depends first and foremost on the kind of colour you are looking for, but also the intensity of use of the entire floor. Our possibilities range from lye, soap, oil to linseed oil, which are a very ecological alternative to other oils. To find out what will fit your needs, we gladly offer personal advice.


Manual Treatment Lye & Soap

PDF / Download (200 KB)

Manual Maintenance Lye & Soap

PDF / Download (200 KB)

Colours Douglas fir Floors

PDF / Download (2 MB)

Colours Oak Floors

PDF / Download (7 MB)