Solid Wide Plank Flooring Made in Germany

Hiram Floors is a manufacturer of solid wide planks flooring made of Douglas fir, Oak, Ash or Fir.  Whether for newly built houses or older buildings, we offer solid wide plank flooring in room lengths and random lengths. In the beautiful mountainous setting of the Black Forest in Germany where traditional craftsmanship and state – of – the – art machinery together produce one of the most exclusive and durable wide plank flooring there is.

The most natural and ancient form of wooden flooring


HIRAM FLOORS solid wide planks are the most natural and ancient form of wooden flooring. Already centuries ago, solid wooden planks were installed in castles, churches and mansions as flooring. Now more popular than ever, solid floorboards are the crown of all wooden floors and particularly impressive in the room lengths, we produce. We are specialized in local wood species such as Douglas fir and Oak, due to their beautiful colors, exceptional dimensions and high durability.

While sourcing the raw material, we are always on the look- out for the best timber available. The trees are selected in local forests and then transported over short routes to our production facilities. Once arrived, the timber is sawn into wide boards, Kiln dried in state-of-the-art chambers and then crafted into floorboards. Precise machines and swiftly moving hands are linked together to create beautiful floorboards with tongue and groove, while each knot is examined and mended, if necessary. With every production step, the floorboards receive hands on attention and are regularly subject of quality control.

A remarkable history


With 30 years in existence, HIRAM FLOORS has a remarkable history and a lot of experience in European wood species. What started once with our founder and a logging horse, a Belgium Coldblood, in the middle of the Black Forest, continued to evolve into an internationally operating company. Until today, we are set on providing sustainable and high- quality products, produced out of local wood species.

For your project, we can offer unique and made-to-fit solid floorboards in random and room lengths. Fulfill your wishes with floorboard lengths of up to 15 m and widths up until 400 mm.

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